Luxury rabbit boarding facility in Eastleigh, Hampshire.
Very near Southampton Airport and minutes from both M3 and M27.
07453 772674

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Outdoor Hutches
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Shade from the summer sun
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Secure bolts on all doors
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Perspex screens for bad weather to keep bunnies dry and draught free
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Fly screens in action for Dotty who had recently had surgery
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Typical set up. Non-slip vinyl, litter tray full of hay, stool to jump/ hide in and a safe chew stick (e.g. apple)
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Indoor Standard
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Indoor Large

We fully understand the importance of space for rabbits, so the boarding accommodation we have on offer aren’t like 'standard' hutches! We have 4 boarding spaces, two of which are indoor in a purpose build, heated and lit cabin, and two are outside nestled in our secure and private garden. Please see pictures of the accommodation above.

The outdoor facilities are 9ft long, 3ft deep and 2.5ft high (27 sq ft), plenty of room for binkies and periscopes! There are two sizes of indoor space, the smaller being 6.5ft by 3ft (20sq ft) and the larger 6.5ft by 7ft (46 sq ft).

All the accommodation is lined with industrial grade non-slip vinyl flooring for cleanliness, and all guests are provided with all litter trays, bowls/bottles, hay racks, food bowls and vet bed. The outdoor boarding accommodation is set in an area close to our house for monitoring but that is surrounded by trees and shrubs, giving lovely dappled shade in summer and an interesting view for the bunnies all year round. In the winter Perspex panels keep the rain and wind out and fly screens are available in summer for bunnies that need extra protection due to recent surgery or illness. The apartments are large enough for you to bring litter trays and toys and I encourage owners to do so as it helps bunnies settle in well.

I also have an 8ft by 4ft run sited on our patio, that guests are able to use in good weather. If your bunny is nervous of handling I will discuss with you whether you want to use this facility on arrival. I always use a sturdy pet carrier to transport bunnies to and from the run.

Hay is topped up and water changed daily, and litter trays changed as necessary. All you need to bring is some of your rabbits toys/blankets to help them settle in and enough pelleted food to last the duration of their stay. I source a premium hay, both Timothy and Meadow which the bunnies really enjoy. I always have readigrass (either regular or Green Oat) available and generally have a selection of speciality hays available (eg Alfalfa King Oat What & Barley, Orchard Grass), as well as dried forage/herbs (eg Galens Garden) and fresh forage in the summer months. A selection of fresh veg is also available and I always follow the owner's lead on what vegetables should be fed.

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